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Add a French Flair to Your Holiday Table: Order from La Petite France!

Holidays are such an important and busy time; why would you want to waste yours with the baking? Let the professionals do it for you. Call us today: 860-231-9255!

We have everything you need at La Petite France!

Bûche de Noël or Yule Logs

Classic yule logs

Made of rolled genoise (French yellow cake) and real butter cream inside and outside. As French, we only use real butter for the butter cream, no shortening.

9″ (for about 7 people) $39  12″ (about 10 people) $49

Flavors: raspberry or chocolate or hazelnut

 yule log 2015

yule log caramel 2015


Classic Pies

Apple or Pumpkin $18

Pecan $22

Fruit of the Forest $19

pecan pie pumpkin pie


French Tarts

Tarte aux Pommes (apple tart) $25

Tarte Choco Poire (pear, almond and chocolate ganache) $25

Tarte aux Fraises (strawberry and custard cream) $29

apple tart

strawberry tart



Croissants (12 mixed) or mini (20 mixed) $30

Mini desserts $49

Cookie Plate (mixed cookies) $25

Mini appetizers (30 mixed) $39

Mini quiches (30) $45

Macarons (30 mixed) $64.50

macaron 2

 mini dessert platterIMG_0958


Baguettes, French Boule, Alpine, Cheese bread, Garlic bread, diner rolls.





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