Catering Menu

Our Catering Menu

  • Baguette Sandwich Platter Baguette Sandwich Platter
  • Croissant Platter Two Croissant Platter Two
  • Croissants Croissants
  • Fruit Puffs Fruit Puffs
  • Mini Croissant Platter One Mini Croissant Platter One
  • Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter
  • Macarons Macarons
  • Dessert Platter Dessert Platter


All catered items come in a box, but if you would like them on a platter there is a $5 extra charge. 


We will deliver orders in West Hartford over $100; there is a delivery charge of $20 per order.


Appetizer Platter – $39
An assortment of 30 mini puff pastry turnovers and mini quiche stuffed with assorted all-natural ingredients: spinach and goat muenster , ham and Swiss, goat cheese and tomato

Sandwich Platter – $30

Simple and delicious sandwiches served on fresh baked baguettes

2 ft. Baguette Platter – $19
Hungry, you better be! Enjoy any of our sandwiches on a 2′ baguette

Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter – $50
20 of our delicious and unique sandwiches served on buttery and flaky mini croissant


Croissant Platter – $30
An assortment of 12 butter, chocolate, raspberry and almond croissants; fresh baked to buttery perfection


Mini Croissant Platter – $30
Bring a little whimsy to the party with an assortment of 20 mini croissants


Mixed Dessert Platter – $49
Enjoy desserts made by our artisan pastry chef including rich and decadent chocolate mousse cake, French tartlets, cupcakes, and eclairs


Mini Dessert Platter – $49
30 handmade desserts, just mini!

Macaron Platter – $64.50
An assortment of 30 traditional french macarons; delicate and unique! Flavors include: pistachio, chocolate, raspberry, vanilla, coffee, chocolate hazelnut; one of our most popular items. Seasonal flavors announced and available in January…


Coffee Box – $15
96oz of premium hot and delicious bean and leaf coffee: organic, fair trade and locally roasted


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